The years before, whilst working in several established design companies have allowed both founding partners Chioh-Hui Goh and Kimberly Toh to cultivate a design orientated spirit, the day to day grind with the many projects being handled simultaneously did not encourage very intensive exploration of design solutions at the level yearned.

So when studiogoto was founded in September 2008, the main objective was to create a design environment that can instil an inventive, inquisitive and most of all, a passionate attitude towards every single project. Hence it is important that the office serves as a non-hierarchical platform for discourse, critique and open competition.

The intimate studio culture not only allows for lesser linear thinking, it also emboldens the studio to take greater risks, be less fearful of failures and to constantly experiment.

After all, each project brings a different set of challenges - the site is specific to each work, the design brief differs in each client and hence boundaries need to be pushed in order to coax the most out of each project.

The attention to details, balanced with the ability to contemplate design within a larger perspective has further instilled in studiogoto a very holistic design philosophy. Coupled with an open and curious attitude in approaching design challenges, it has helped the studio to evolve intellectually and philosophically as a practice over the years.

As architecture involves many aspects of the arts, the exposure should also embrace other disciplines as well; industrial innovations, furniture, paintings, history and the other fine arts. Collectively, they contribute to the strength of the studio’s design ideas, which in turn will translate into better design works.